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M&A is an important strategic option that companies can leverage to make necessary leaps in the competitive marketplace. It can help companies to obtain a higher market share and a broader customer base, and gain access to new technology, products and distribution channels. Particularly in challenging economic times, M&A can add value and provide competitive advantage.

Companies looking to gain advantage through M&A must address several critical questions:

How can M&A fit into overall corporate strategy?
Where are the opportunities that will maximum value?
How do we assess and value candidates to achieve best results?
How do we execute the best deals?

Sales Process Presentation

Yet, at the same time, M&A is very risky and many deals fail, sometimes bringing companies to the brink of failure. For many companies mergers and acquisitions are irregular events for which they lack capabilities and processes. This is compounded by biases in M&A that cloud M&A decision-making, such as deal fever, tunnel vision and strong incentives to complete a deal.

We advise on all aspects of buy-side and sell-side M&A. We also provide ongoing strategic advice to ensure that owners and managers are best placed to grow their businesses. Our experience, sector expertise and judgement give our clients a genuine competitive advantage primarily in the mid-market in the mid-market.